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Aktion Grenzenlos e. V.                                                                                                                       c/o Nachbarschaftshaus Gostenhof                                                                                          Adam-Klein-Straße 6                                                                                                                           90429 Nürnberg

We meet regularly every 1st Monday of the month at 7 o´clock p.m. at “Nachbarschaftshaus Gostenhof”. The meetingroom is displayed on the blackboard in the entrance.

Donations account:

Aktion Grenzenlos e.V., Stichwort “MFH”, Sparkasse Nürnberg, BIC SSKNDE77XX, IBAN DE94 7605 0101 0003 1038 94

Aktion Grenzenlos e.V. is from the tax office Fuerth under the tax-number 107/00286 recognized as caritable for the promotion of care for refugees and international understanding. We will gladly issue a donation receipt.